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Power Reimagined

by Pratima866_0Desai
Raptic has been a leading manufacturer in tech accessories and continues to push the boundaries even further by creating brand new power products with the Raptic Titan family. Portable, rechargeable, and zero-fume emitting, Titan provides long lasting power to go with you on any adventure. No access to a wall outlet to charge your gadgets? Titan’s got you covered with three different power capacities to choose from. Whether you’re heading to the outdoors or need the extra power in an emergency, there is a Titan for you – this is truly power reimagined.
Up to 225 watt-hours of capacity with LG lithium ion battery, the battery charges smartphones 20 times, laptops 5 times, tablets 6 times, GoPro/cameras 35 times, LED lights 30 hours, CPAP 7 hours. The battery recharges with included AC wall adapter, USB-C or solar panel. It has 200W inverter size with peak/surge of 250W and also includes AC wall charger and Raptic Titan Power Station and weighs only 10 lbs with a price tag of $299.99.
The Titan XL is priced at $499.99 and has up to 500 watt-hours of capacity with LG lithium ion battery. It charges smartphones 40 times, laptops 10 times, tablets 12 times, GoPro/cameras 70 times, LED lights 60 hours, CPAP up to 14 hours. The battery itself recharges with included AC wall adapter, USB-C or solar panel. It has 200W inverter size with peak/surge of 250W. It is both compact and lightweight: Only 14 lbs and comes with a convenient over-the-shoulder strap for easy carry.

The lowest priced in the series is the Titan Air @ $99.99 with up to 100 watt-hours of capacity with LG lithium-ion battery, 26,500mAh. It charges smartphones 4 times, laptops and tablets 1 time, GoPro/cameras 7 times, and LED lights 6 hours. It is compact and lightweight and weighs only 5 lbs and measures in 10.3″ x 5.7″ x 6″ in size. It features the following output: One 12V AC (200W), two USB Ports (5V 2.4A each), one USB-C (3.0 Port, 60W Max).

Born and built in Los Angeles, Raptic prides itself on crafting electronic accessories that fit seamlessly into your world. Everything we offer, from our protective phone cases to our charging stations, are built with the L.A. lifestyle in mind, combining sophisticated details with strong protection to elevate the concept of drop-proof accessories. 
Raptic uses premium materials designed to function from the boardroom to brunch to backpacking across the globe – everything is crafted to be infinitely usable. With an eye toward the future, we’re constantly looking for new ways to explore technology, make use of unique materials and employ refined, honest design to deliver industry-leading products that enhance your life and meet the demands of living in an Urban Jungle.

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